Test Preparation: SAT, ACT, SSAT, and more

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Admission tests can be an important part of your application package to high schools and colleges. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted admissions processes at many schools, accelerating the adoption of test-optional policies. Although many schools are revising their testing requirements, taking these tests can help admissions staff assess your basic knowledge and readiness for their school.

Many students worry their scores might not reflect their true abilities, especially in math and science. We help you hone your test-taking skills, learn the best strategies, and build confidence, all of which may lead to increased scores.

At Tamalpais Tutoring, we support you every step of the way in preparing for the math and science portions of your admission tests. Plus, we can refer you to nearby colleagues for assistance with the language sections.

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Test Websites

Follow the links below to visit the official websites for each test: get more information, find fees and schedules, and register. Contact us to get help preparing for any of these tests.

High school admission
  • SSAT (used by private schools such as Branson, Marin Academy, and San Domenico)
  • HSPT (used by parochial schools such as Marin Catholic and St. Ignatius)
College admission
Graduate admission

Note: Most tests publish their annual testing schedule each July.


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