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Jock ChristieJock Christie, Director

Jock is an experienced math and science tutor who began his career teaching physics at the Taft School in 1987, after graduating from Princeton. He earned an M.S. at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and then worked in the aerospace industry for several years before returning to teaching.

These experiences allow him to give his students interesting, real-world examples for most math and science concepts.

Jock has extensive experience tutoring students ranging from Gifted and Talented (GATE) learners in elementary school to college calculus students. He also routinely provides coaching for a number of standardized tests, including the SSAT, SAT, ACT, and GRE.


Peggy Airey-Van Diem

After rekindling a love for math and science, Peggy started tutoring math at College of Marin in 2012. Over the years, she has worked with many students who have varying learning styles and abilities and who are from all walks of life.

Peggy can relate to struggling students, because she herself didn't always have the best early math experiences. She teaches in an upbeat manner and understands that, when it comes to education, being patient, encouraging, and non-judgemental are crucial ingredients for a positive and effective learning experience.

Amanda Dostie

Amanda earned a B.S. in Marine Sciences from University of Connecticut, conducting research in oceanography, water quality monitoring, and scientific instrumentation. As part of her research, she sailed the seas for several years, before returning to her first love: teaching. Currently, she is a teaching assistant and substitute teacher at a school for students with special needs, but has also worked as a naturalist and an instructor at a marine science school.

Amanda has a flexible tutoring style; she recognizes that every student processes information differently and she does her best to adapt to those needs. She likes to teach and tutor in a way that is both relatable and fun, in the hopes that her students will continue learning and being curious beyond the classroom or tutoring office.

Tina Huang

Tina's passion for teaching started in middle school, when she discovered that she excelled in math and enjoyed helping fellow classmates. She has worked as a tutor and teacher since 2013, having tutored all levels of math, from elementary math to calculus and college statistics. Her strengths include preparing students for the math sections of standardized tests. She holds a B.A. in molecular and cellular biology from University of California, Berkeley and is skilled in many programming languages.

Tina has helped hundreds of students improve their school performance and achieve their academic goals. She strives not only to be a great teacher, but also a mentor who makes a significant difference in each student's learning process. She aspires to uncover students' hidden potential and help them become independent thinkers. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, she is fluent in both spoken and written Mandarin Chinese.

Michelle Slade

Michelle earned her Bachelors of Education in Secondary Mathematics from the University of Calgary, and spent 15 years teaching and tutoring both high school and adult students.

Michelle excelled in mathematics throughout her own school years, and she knew her path would involve teaching in some capacity. Always an enthusiastic educator, she now primarily teaches yoga and pilates, as well as tutoring math.

Observing her teachers over the years, Michelle admired the passion and skill it took to make math fun, non-intimidating, and successful for any student. Her patient approach to tutoring, along with a light sense of humor, allows her students to feel safe and understood.

Charles Szeman

Charles is currently pursuing an A.A. in Biochemistry and Molecular Engineering at College of Marin. He has a deep passion for science and is thrilled to share his knowledge and enthusiasm with his students.

Charles has acquired considerable tutoring experience since 2016, when he began private tutoring and working with a professional math learning center while still in high school. He is a patient, attentive tutor, who uses a methodical approach to break down difficult concepts and advance student understanding.

Randy Teppen

As a student who found certain courses challenging at times, Randy has a lot of empathy for his students; this empathy, combined with solid math knowledge, makes him an effective teacher and tutor.

Randy graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Physics and a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, then designed large mainframe computers for 8 years. After earning his M.A. in Education and teaching high school math and physics for 14 years, he moved to Marin County in 2007 and has been tutoring ever since.

Stephanie Purcell, Office Assistant

Stephanie grew up in southern California and moved to Marin a few years ago to raise her family. She currently attends Sonoma State University, where she is finishing a degree in Sociology. She loves chess and has extensive experience teaching it to elementary school children.

As a parent, Stephanie can relate to wanting a better future for one’s children. She understands the value a tutor can bring to a child’s learning, and is committed to helping students succeed by finding the right tutor for them.



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