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"When I began college in 2020, I had a hard time adjusting to online learning, especially in STEM classes. [My tutor] presented equations in ways that were easy to understand, always made sure I understood what I was doing, and was genuinely interested in how I was performing.

As I was mastering the material in a way I never thought I would, I began to enjoy the material so much more. I cannot recommend [Tamalpais Tutoring] enough to college students in STEM classes."
~ F.C.

"[My son] found his tutoring session with you (his first ever) tremendously helpful. He liked the way he could 'be stupid' (make mistakes) and get clarification to allow him to get back on track quickly."
~ Robin M.

"I absolutely had to take Statistics at College of Marin to get into UC Berkeley. I originally took it in the spring but dropped it because I found it impossible to understand and was failing. With help from Tamalpais Tutoring, I not only passed Stats in the daunting summer session, but I aced every test! I not only understood it, but to my surprise, I even enjoyed it."
~ Mary H.

"[Tamalpais Tutoring] benefitted my learning-disabled/ADD son in his junior and senior years in high school ... [while taking] Chemistry, Honors Physics, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus. [Your] patience and ability to communicate calmly were invaluable qualities for my son's learning style. [Your] open, friendly attitude encouraged my son to ask his real questions and stay with the answers to the point where he truly 'got' it."

"[He] became ever more competent and interested in this daunting subject matter. My son and I highly recommend [Tamalpais Tutoring] for any student needing tutoring in high level math and science."
~ Ann B.

"[My daughter] was absolutely thrilled to have you explain the [geometry] concepts she was having trouble understanding. After you left she worked for an additional three hours! I could not get her to stop doing her math, even on a Friday night. ... Thank you so much for your patience and flexibility."
~ Darice O.

"I'm writing to thank you for your help tutoring [my son] in his high school physics class. [He] commented to me after your first couple of sessions that you were probably the most patient and easy-to-understand science teacher he'd ever had. Your capacity to explain concepts in several different ways until the light dawned enabled [him] to bring his grade up from an F to a C, and he got a B on the final exam! A class that had been a nightmare was turned into an enjoyable challenge."
~ Helen K.

"[My daughter's] SAT scores are in ... the math score went from 640 to 710!"

"Throughout your work with her you have been sensitive to her individual traits and interests and have given a girl, who had always felt incompetent in math, the gift of confidence (and a great SAT math score)."
~ Dean

"With [Tamalpais Tutoring's] help, I was able to raise my SAT II Math IIC test score by 140 points. That's a huge jump from 600 to 740. [Tamalpais Tutoring] identified my weaknesses early and was able to help me work through them."
~ Justin S.


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