Summer Help

Keep your brain fit this summer with Tamalpais Tutoring!

Whether you struggle with math or science or want to strengthen your skills, Tamalpais Tutoring is here to help. Our one-to-one tutoring services can help you succeed in your summer school classes, prepare for next year's courses and standardized tests, or fulfill other learning goals.

Summer offers a unique opportunity for enthusiastic students to learn new skills or reinforce old ones in a relaxed, individual setting. Without the pressure of a full course load, together we can dig a little deeper, learn fundamental concepts, and practice them thoroughly.

By doing so, problem-solving skills can become second nature, which means fewer errors, increased confidence, and the ability to finish tests more quickly (always an advantage).

Contact us for help in any of these areas:

  • Math — all middle school, high school, and college level classes
  • Science — all middle school, high school, and college level classes
  • Test preparation — SSAT, SAT, ACT, GRE | Learn more

If you have other math and science learning needs, we can help!


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