Need a quiet place to take a proctored test?

Distance learning and online courses are on the rise, but supervised exam time can still be required. And, sometimes a student just needs a quiet place to take a test. Tamalpais Tutoring can help!

Email us today to schedule your proctored test time at our Kentfield office, which features:

  • A quiet space, secluded from distraction
  • On-site proctor; line of sight from proctor to student
  • Verification of ID, notes, and permitted exam materials
  • Laptop computer available for online exams
  • Printing and/or scanning capability, for sending completed exams back to the instructor
  • All subjects

Flexible Scheduling: We happily work with you to find a time that fits your schedule! However, accommodating last-minute requests is difficult. Please contact us well in advance of your test deadline.

Fees: $60 for first 2 hours of proctoring; $20 per hour for each additional hour.


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